May 2010

Market Differentiation

Most CEO business owners completely misunderstand the point of market differentiation. They think that being different in a marketplace means doing what your competitors do, but better. You see this a lot in the computer industry. One company has a computer that has 1 gigabyte or RAM, with a 150 gigabyte hard drive. The next […]

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Focus or Die: Case Study of Motorola

In the keynote speeches I give, one of the themes I emphasize is how important it is to FOCUS on the key opportunities in your business. Hands down, I find most companies spread their resources, staff, and executive attention on too many projects. This is especially true if you’re in a turnaround situation. So what’s […]

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Obama – Small Business Lending Bill

“WASHINGTON — President Obama exhorted Congress on Monday to make passage of a long-languishing small-business aid package its first order of business when it returns next month from its break. “I ask Senate Republicans to drop the blockade,” Obama said in the Rose Garden after meeting with his economic advisers.” Obama calls for passage of bill […]

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