Powerful Lessons from the iPad 2 Launch

Do yourself a big favor (trust me on this). Today at 5pm, the iPad 2 goes on sale at Apple retail locations across the U.S. If you are anywhere remotely located near one, go to the store at 4:30pm. The purpose is not to buy an iPad 2, the purpose is to stand there and […]

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The Market Wants What the Market Wants

My wife and I were talking last night about how the now former President of Egypt Mubarak must either be the most tone deaf person on the planet or the most stubborn. This morning I wake up to discover he resigned… finally. Geez, how much of a message from the market does one need to […]

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How to Sell Ice to Eskimos

In this video, I give my commentary on the old phrase “How to Sell Ice to Eskimos”. Don’t forget to add your comments, using the comment form below.

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