How to Sell Ice to Eskimos

In this video, I give my commentary on the old phrase “How to Sell Ice to Eskimos”.

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2 thoughts on “How to Sell Ice to Eskimos”

  1. After the “Just Sell Donuts to Fat People” episode, this “Do not Try to Sell Ice to Eskimos”(I call this like that) episode is like analyzing the same subject with a different perspective and analogy. So what i understand from your advice is that, “Think simple and intuitive, give customers what they exactly want”.

  2. @Engin Guven:

    That’s exactly right. Nobody ever disagrees with this idea, but few people actually do it. That’s because in practice it’s actually kind of hard to do because it requires knowing your customers really well. And in recent times, customer priorities have changed a lot so it’s that much harder to be calibrated to what customer’s want right now.

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