Personal Health Tips for Small Business Owners

Most of us consider how to run a healthy and viable business, but sometimes we forget about the health and viability of ourselves. Let’s take a step back from the hustle of the business world and consider a few health tips for the small business owner.

Don’t forget to eat!

This may sound overly obvious yet many of us won’t hesitate to skip a meal if it means getting more work done. Although you may save 30 minutes, the consequences of skipping a meal can drastically affect your performance for the rest of the day. Prepare meals a day in advance to save time and pack them in Tupperware for the following day.

Eat for energy

One can not underestimate the importance of complex carbohydrates  for the busy entrepreneur. Oat meal in the morning is a prime example of a meal that will provide slow-burning energy to get you through the morning. Combined with a couple of eggs and a black coffee, this breakfast is sure to get your day off to a healthy and energetic start.

Prioritize exercise in your busy schedule

Skipping exercise for the sake of working more is almost as bad as skipping lunch for the same reasons. Prioritize your schedule such that you have 30-60 minutes available 3 times a week dedicated to fitness. This time could be spent on a walk with your dog, at the gym, swimming, or doing any number of cardiovascular activities.

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