Consulting Services

My private client consulting practice focuses primarily on serving business owners that lead companies with $1 million to $25 million in revenues.
Most of my clients come from the professional services, eCommerce, or the Software (as a Service) industries.
I tend to work with clients who are either running businesses in need of a turnaround / “business re-invention” (one of my areas of specialty) or are running companies growing significantly faster than the rest of the market and want to capitalize on the opportunity to extend their lead.
My work tends to center around one of my two main books. My book The Recession-Proof Business focuses on the importance of market adaptation and business re-invention. My book Extreme Revenue Growth focuses more on scaling growth (loosely defined as creating and sustaining 100% growth per year).
I don’t consider companies my clients. I consider the people that own and run them my clients.
My clients find their way to me when they reach the following conclusion:
  • 1

    The status quo isn't acceptable;
  • 2

    Something must change, but it's not clear what. THAT's my "sweet spot".
I only work with clients where all the major shareholders and the primary day-to-day operating decision-maker have reached a consensus that change must happen and it must happen right now.
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