Segment Idea: Obama Bailout

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Lys Damato
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Victor Cheng
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The Obama Small Business Bailout:

What Does it Mean to You?

America’s Small Business Coach, will tell your audience:

  • The details behind this pre-announcement
  • What this announcement means in terms of the Obama Administration’s overall economic strategy
  • What it means for small business owners
  • The likely impact it will have for non-business owners
About Victor Cheng

victor-cheng Victor Cheng (pronounced “Chang”) is America’s Small Business Coach and author of The Recession-Proof Business: Lessons from the Greatest Recession Success Stories of All Time.
Victor is a graduate of Stanford University with a degree in quantitative economics, a former McKinsey consultant specializing in bank lending, and has been a featured speaker at the Harvard Business School.

He has been featured by the Fox Business Network, MSNBC, The Wall Street Journal, Inc magazine, SmartMoney magazine, US World and News Report,, MarketWatch and dozens of radio talk shows.

Sample Interview Questions for Victor Cheng

  1. What are the details of this announcement?
  2. What’s the significance of this change in strategy for the stimulus /  “toxic asset” funds?
  3. What form will this bailout likely take?
  4. Will such a bailout be effective? And for whom?
  5. When will it become effective?