Segment Idea: Recession-Proof Your Life

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How to Recession-Proof Your Business, Your Career, or Your Life

Author of  “The Recession-Proof Business”, will tell your audience:

  • The real truth behind when and how this recession will end
  • The dirty secret behind why this recession is so bad (and what the politicians don’t want you to know)
  • The 3 big secrets to recession proofing your business or career
  • Why New York City Call Girls are the masters of making money even in a recession (and how you can steal their secrets without having to sell your body!)
  • Why layoffs and unemployment aren’t a bad thing, but actually a GREAT thing
  • Discover which kinds of companies/employers are doing well right now
  • 3 simple things you can do right now to recession proof your life
About Victor Cheng

victor-cheng Victor Cheng (pronounced “Chang”) is America’s Business Coach and author of The Recession-Proof Business: Lessons from the Greatest Recession Success Stories of All Time.
He has analyzed the past 12 recessions going back 136 years to find out what caused some companies / employers to make a ton of money in a recession, while others died.

Victor is a graduate of Stanford University with a degree in economics, a former McKinsey consultant, and has been a featured speaker at the Harvard Business School.

He has been featured by the Fox Business Network, MSNBC, The Wall Street Journal, Inc magazine, SmartMoney magazine, US World and News Report, Entrepreneur magazines, and dozens of radio talk shows.

“The Recession-Proof Business” is available in paperback at / Barnes & or available for FREE in eBook format at

Sample Interview Questions for Victor Cheng

Author of “The Recession-Proof Business”

  1. When is this recession going to end? (Answer: 1 minute)
  2. What’s causing this recession to be so unusually bad? (Answer: 90 seconds)
  3. How is this recession going to end? (Answer: 2 minutes)
  4. Other than just giving up, what should people do about this recession? (Answer: 30 seconds)
  5. What are the 3 big secrets to recession-proofing your business or career? (Answer: 2 minutes)
  6. Exactly how much money is still left in our economy? (Answer: 1  minute)
  7. You say that one of the best recession strategies is for everyone to act more like New York City Call Girls. Please explain that one.  (Answer is PG-13) (Answer: 3 minutes)
  8. Why are layoffs and unemployment a GREAT thing? (Answer: 2 minutes)
  9. What are some examples of the type of companies/employers that are doing well right now? (Answer: 90 seconds)
  10. What should our listeners do right now to recession proof their lives? (Answer: 90 seconds)
  11. I understand you’re bailing out 1 million companies and employers by giving away free copies of your book. Please tell our listeners how they can get a free copy of your book for themselves or their employers. (Answer: 1 minute)

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