durable competitive advantage

Warren Buffet on What Makes a Great Business

When my wife attended Harvard Business School many years ago, Warren Buffet came on campus to speak.  I wasn’t going to miss this for the world. Although I probably wasn’t supposed to do this, I snuck into the auditorium to hear him speak. Now, here’s one really big lesson I learned that day. If you […]

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Durable Competitive Advantage – Part 2

Here are a few additional thoughts on the durable competitive advantage. In today’s news, Starbucks announced it was firing its CEO and putting Howard Shultz (founder) back in as CEO. One of the interesting tid bits of news that was mentioned was plans for McDonald’s to put  coffee bars with Barista’s inside every McDonald’s. Clearly, […]

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Durable Competitive Advantage

I just finished watching a one-hour special on CNBC on Warren Buffett.  In a nutshell, it was a one-hour lesson on the importance of a durable competitive advantage. I’ve heard Buffet speak in person on previous occassions, but to hear him mention the importance of the durability of a competitive advantage was eye-opening, to say […]

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