Obama Job Growth

“President Barack Obama on Friday said he recognizes the economy isn’t growing fast enough, as a report showed job losses in June and a broad slowdown. Nonfarm payrolls fell by 125,000 last month as 225,000 government workers hired for the 2010 census lost their temporary jobs, the Labor Department said Friday. Only 83,000 private-sector jobs […]

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Job Creation in Private Sector Remained Weak in June

TweetThe United States added just 83,000 private-sector jobs in June, a dishearteningly low number that could add to the growing number of economists who warn that the economic recovery has slowed to the point that it cannot generate enough job growth. Department of Labor June Employment Report Over all, the nation lost 125,000 jobs, according […]

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How to Beat Unemployment

  Over the weekend, I saw the newspaper headlines that the US unemployment rate broke the 10% mark. For those in the US, we’re now at 10.2% unemployment.   Quite ironically, I was on my way to speak at event that I think epitomizes the solution the average person and entrepreneur can use to combat […]

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