Powerful Lessons from the iPad 2 Launch

Do yourself a big favor (trust me on this). Today at 5pm, the iPad 2 goes on sale at Apple retail locations across the U.S. If you are anywhere remotely located near one, go to the store at 4:30pm. The purpose is not to buy an iPad 2, the purpose is to stand there and […]

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A 1st Grader’s Guide to Growing Sales

A way to grow sales that’s so simple even a 1st grader could do it.

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Sigh… The End of an Abusive Relationship

I’ve been in an abusive relationship for the past 15 years. Its a relationship where I’ve given, and the other side just takes, takes, and takes. I’ve stayed in this relationship all this time because getting out seemed so difficult and complicated. Where would I go instead? What if a new relationship doesn’t work out? […]

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