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Advice from Bill Gates and Warren Buffet

I was watching a PBS special of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates sharing the stage while speaking to a group of college students – possibly the only time the two richest people in the world shared the advice giving stage at the same time. There were two stories from that show that I’d like to […]

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If Bill Gates Ran Your Business (Part 2)

In my last post, I mentioned that if Bill Gates were running your business, it would be doing a lot better than it is now for three reasons: 1) Desire to Win, 2) Bigger Thinking, 3) Better Business Skills Of these, the most important are actually the first two. If you have a massive desire […]

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If Bill Gates Ran Your Business…

From time to time, I play an interesting exercise with my business and my clients’ businesses. I ask myself, if Bill Gates were running this business, what we he do differently? I always assume that he runs the business anonymously, isn’t able to take advantage of his fame as the richest and most successful entrepreneur […]

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