10 Yr Old Fined for Lemonade Stand

Just saw this video clip from Fox News about how a 10 year old entrepreneur in New York City was shut down by the local authorities.

The young girl, named Clementine, decided that given the recent high temperatures in New York City, she would open a lemonade stand to help potential customers qwench their thirst on a hot day.

(Good for her… she saw a problem, recognized it as an opportunity, and went for it).

For anyone even remotely familiar with NYC, you know there aren’t exactly a lot of front lawns in the city. So she opened her lemonade stand in Central Park.

The local authorities promptly shut her down and gave her dad a ticket for selling food items without a permit.

There was a small media frenzy about it with photos and all. Apparently, it took more than one park ranger to shut this entrepreneur down. I guess the park service was a little light on its revenue numbers.

I understand why we have food safety laws, but geez… ya think the park authorities could have let her off with a warning.

I mean here’s a 10 year old who’s NOT complaining that the recession stinks. Isn’t sitting on her sofa playing video games. She actually got out there and tried to make something happen.

It’s 10 years old like Clementine that are the future of our economy… seems pretty stupid to me to discourage such behavior.

BTW, I have a policy of always doing business with kids who sell lemonade and baked goods. I always stop the car and buy something. Same with the girl scouts who come knocking on my door.

I love supporting the young entrepreneurs.

What a refreshing contrast to the kids (and frankly an awful lot of adults), who just sit there complaining about their problems and don’t actually get off their rear ends to take some action to make something happen.

And my message to Clementine, don’t let the government get you down. Try again in a different way until you get what you want!

3 thoughts on “10 Yr Old Fined for Lemonade Stand”

  1. Right On Victor! I try to stop and support these kids too. You hear these stories every once in a while about some bureaucrat with a rule book.

    It’s always disappointing to hear them do something like this, but it’s never really surprising. It makes me wonder why people keep looking to “the government” for more and more.

  2. John,

    I totally agree. The government has its place and all, but I think a lot of folks in the government are too narrowly focused on their specific role, and don’t consider the bigger picture often enough.


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