Small Business “Bailout” for 1 Million Entrepreneurs

After waiting for President Obama to do more to help bail out small business, I’m officially fed up with waiting and have decided to do something about it.

In the spirit of the upcoming Fourth of July Holiday, I’m announcing an Independence Day “Bailout” Program for small business owners. As a part of this small business bailout program,  I’ll be bailing out up to 1 million business owners and entrepreneurs. The details are available at

Do your business owner friends a favor, and spread the word.

2 thoughts on “Small Business “Bailout” for 1 Million Entrepreneurs”

  1. I have an SBA loan for a commercial property and have defaulted because of a variety of issues occurring from the economic downturn over the past two years. The bank has filed for foreclosure and I’m in jeopardy of losing my personal home. My personal home was used as collateral. What I’m confused about is the purpose of the SBA guaranty that my personal home would be in jeopardy of losing because of the business. I need some options and alternatives to keep from losing my personal home. I t appears that you’ve done a lot of research and I am hoping you may have some suggestions on what I may do to keep from losing my home.

  2. well bailout programes and what not , talk talk and can’t find a way to apply for any of these programs . show me a application so i can get help for my small business

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