Storyselling: How to Sell More Using Customer Stories

We all enjoy a good story and as a business owner, stories from satisfied customers are priceless. Positive customer experiences, according to John Williams, are readily available to “any viable business on the planet” and they should be utilized. One of the best ways to increase business is to use customer testimonials to your advantage.

Web based businesses reap substantial benefits from customer stories because of their ability to reach such a wide audience as compared to a brick and mortar business which relies more on face to face interaction. The increased distance between business and customer on the web requires an even greater attempt at building a strong brand and attracting customers who come back.

Even stories that involve fixing a mistake are appropriate because customers know that mistakes happen, and the ease with which a company handles their mistake is quite telling. Establishing your business as uniquely valuable to customers using their real world experiences is a huge credibility boost and deserves further thought.

Full Article: Put Your Customers’ Stories to Work for Your Brand

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