Viral Marketing Examples

A package containing chocolate covered grasshoppers arrives at your door unexpectedly…what do you do? No tricks here – give it moment of consideration. It turns out 5,000 individuals were recently faced with the same question when a lumpy package arrived at their door.

In an era of information overload, a bulky package filled with chocolate covered grasshoppers is sure to catch anyone’s attention. The awkward package begs to be opened even if its contents are rather strange.

Before the seal is broken, reminds small business owners  that “You’re a risk-taker, a dream-realizer” and asks “what’s left to do that you haven’t already done?

Their answer featured on the reverse packaging suggests:  “Eat a grasshopper. They’re farm raised, covered in chocolate and rich in protein. So, not only will you be breaking boundaries, but you’ll be eating healthy, too.”

Breaking boundaries and catching your customer’s attention is absolutely necessary for small business success – especially when economic times are tough and competition is higher.

While sending five thousand choco-grasshoppers  to influential people may seem out of reach, the underlying benefits of viral marketing still remain.

Know your customer, grab their attention, and keep them talking about your business. Now is the time to get your name out and set your business apart from the competition. Thinking outside the box has reached a whole new level –  capitalize!

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