Communicate or Die – More Profits TV – Episode #10

In a recession, it’s critical to communicate effectively with potential customers. This is a given. But what’s tricky is knowing what to communicate.

Specifically you must convey two things: 1) we know what you want us to solve for you, and 2) we can solve that problem for you in a unique way that none of our competitors can.

Today’s episode of More Profits TV discusses WHY these two factors are so important to communicate to prospective customers… especially in a recession

For those who are curious what the inside of TV studio looks like from the stage back out to the camera’s I’ve included a photo:


As you can see, from the perspective of the person on TV, it’s not very exciting to look at. The one thing you may not realize is that sometimes it can get a little warm and to make sure you look cool, especially if the interviewer is being aggressive in his question asking, you need to wear makeup – yes guy’s included.

Unfortunately, I could not find my make up kit at home before I left. I usually like to use some powder from MAC – yes I like to use the good stuff! 🙂  I figure that one compact will last me a lifetime so I might as well get the good stuff.  But since I did not have it with me, I got something basic from the local drug store.

Oh yeah, for the guys out there, you put powder on your face to take the shiny (aka the oil on your face) away. Otherwise it looks like you’re sweating bullets on air which doesn’t look very good. Here’s the emergency powder I used for this particular interview.


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