A Killer Way to Get New Customers (Part 1) – More Profits TV Episode #4

One of the most compelling ways to acquire new customers is by creating an irresistible offer.

This is the exact OPPOSITE of what most businesses do. Most provide an average, okay, offer and spend enormous amounts to time, money, and energy promoting it with only modest results to show for it.

The irresistible offer approach is about changing that formula around. By promoting an irresistible offer, it makes your marketing many times more effective… and when done properly more than offsets the cost of making your offer more irresistible.

Or to phrase a bit differently and more crudely, you need a pretty big market budget to sell crap–and it usually doesn’t work very well. Sell something amazing that’s impossible to say no to, and your marketing budget drops like a rock. So the tradeoff is spent more on the marketing, or spend more on making the offer irresistible. It’s an important decision that should be made deliberately.

The example in this video completely illustrates this. Unless you’ve been living in the cave for the past week, you’ve undoubtedly heard about this irresistible offer from friends and family. But this video points out the lesson behind it.

And in part 2 of this video, I’ll share with you how this company that had quite possible the greatest promotion of the decade, totally screwed it up beyond belief. But lets start by seeing what they did right.

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